Friday, November 2, 2018

The Only Thing That's Constant...

The only thing that is constant is change.

Ups and downs happen throughout life. No one is promised an easy out. However, we can certainly control the way we react to things that happen.

We have no idea what other people are going through. When someone is short with you or being disrespectful, there may be a lot riding on that action. A simple smile could make that person's day easier. Whether it's a dying family member or they're on the brink of losing their home, you don't know what they are dealing with.

We all have dreams of the way that we wish life would go. Of course, tell God your plans and He laughs. He knows what's best and it's not always easy to fully trust the process.

Although we may not know what lies ahead, we can be focused on the present time and be grateful for where we are and all the blessings we have received. Worry and fear rob today of its joy and the gift that it was meant to be.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Lions, Tigers, and Clowns... oh my!

Most of us can agree that life can be stressful. We have a booked schedule and if someone cancels, we easily fill that slot with the next event or person demanding our attention. Why don't we take a hint from Europeans and slow down to enjoy life?

When we are in a stressful environment, our body goes into chaos. We are constantly inundated with information and consistent bombardment of texts and notifications. We are rewiring our brain to take on little bits of information at a time and not focus on anything for more than a few short seconds or minutes.

What else happens on the inside of us? Our guts get a bit squirmish, and I don't mean just because there's food being moved about. In a stressed state, our body is in a state of fight or flight mode. The blood goes to where it's needed most. In a fighting state, it will go to the muscles so you can run away from lions, tigers, or clowns.

Chances are you don't have lions, tigers, or clowns chasing you. If so, I highly doubt you'd have time to read this blog. If you CAN do both at the same time, I applaud you and would love your autograph later...Alas, I digress...

If you're eating lunch and panicking about a deadline or driving through traffic, then the food you just ate won't be digested to its optimal level when stressed. Even if all you eat is organic, you may be missing a few things when your mind is in a million places at once. Not to mention if you just ate something you're allergic to. Then you basically have microscopic fighters like kittens with machine guns running rampant in the guts and shooting everything in sight, regardless of whether the organisms are friend or foe. 

The most obvious answer is to stress less. Find what's best for you to decrease that sympathetic mode so you can slow down, reassess, and think clearly. Your body will thank you for it.

Yours in Health,

Dr. D

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Choose Health. Choose Light.

Most people think of doctors and supplements to aid in healing. However, have you ever considered being healed by light? 

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My first run in with the biomat began in grad school. My friend had one, and we would enjoy many a movie while sitting on this amazing butt warmer. Turns out that keeping our bottoms on low heat did a body good in more ways than one.

The far infrared light penetrates deep into the body to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation/swelling, and stimulates healthy cells for longevity and rejuvenation.

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The negative ions increase oxygen flow to the brain, meaning more energy and focus. What are these ions I speak of? Sorry to get your hopes up if you're thinking of the movie Transformers. You actually are around negative ions whenever you are in a natural place, such as the beach or in the mountains. They are found in high concentrations in nature; unfortunately, they are in very low concentrations indoors and around computers. As I type this blog for you, I'm slowly becoming more positive. You are welcome in advance for this sacrifice.

Amethyst crystals aid the immune system against unwanted microscopic pets. Ultimately, it helps to balance between parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. What does that mean? Elementary, my dear Watson. Parasympathetic is your rest and digest mode. Sympathetic is your fight or flight mode... just in case you're attempting to run away from lions, tigers... or clowns.

The NASA technology allows for a whole body tune up. The various temperatures allow for different healing to happen at each state. No heat still allows for negative ions to flourish, whereas, the highest temperature allows for sauna level cleansing and detoxing. Personally, I have experienced better circulation with having cold hands and feet as a symptom before using biomat. It also served as a great healing tool after experiencing car and motorcycle wrecks. If you're stressed, this is a great opportunity to help decrease your worries immediately. If it's that time of the month, ladies, it is good for that as well.

The best thing is that HSA and FSA accounts acknowledge this as a medical purchase. FDA approved. And the whole family will love it. What's missing in your home on a cold winter day or a rainy evening? If interested in testing out this beauty yourself, give us a call at 757-933-1888.

You deserve good health and longevity. 


Dr. D

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

No TV = PhD

Quite the title, aye?

Think about it. How many hours a week are you spending on electronic devices? That includes cell phones, TV, computers, video games etc. Imagine if you take that time, including when you're driving, and use it toward education and learning new skills that could potentially turn into your newest hobby.

Addiction to technology can yield the same symptoms as those who are addicted to drugs. Not to mention isolation from society when texting or responding to online messages that require no one from the outside to be nearby. Got memory problems? Try disconnecting for a certain period of time every day and see how things begin to change. Constant bombardment of ads, notifications, and messages rewire our brain to respond differently. Eventually, we respond to other aspects of life in the same way. Impatience and lack of attention span are things that I have seen in my own life after giving in to the world wide web. 

Don't think you're affected? Check out this study showing how multitaskers perform poorly.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the Swedes or Stanford. Taking time to disconnect is just as important as being connected, and I would argue that it's more vital to your wellbeing. 

When you choose to reconnect, take a look at what you're allowing to be your focus. Soap operas, movies, crime shows? Video games that may only improve finger speed with a remote control? We only have so many hours in the day and every life ends. So make each moment count. Of course, it's okay to relax and have downtime with friends at the theatre. Don't make it your daily occurrence when you were born to do so much more.

Although social media and texting have their place and make the world turn, what are we sacrificing by constantly being plugged in? Perhaps a sound mind, inner peace, and contentment?

Consider audio books or podcasts related to a new subject or a topic that you've always wanted to learn about. Perhaps starting a new language on your daily commute. Whatever your venture, I wish you the best. Cheers to new knowledge!

Yours in health,

Dr. D

Monday, March 5, 2018

How You Influence Your Nervous System


I’m Dr. Deana, owner of Find the Balance Chiropractic & Wellness Center.
When I moved here three years ago, I began working for someone else with
the intention of taking over the office at a later time. It was my perception
that I would get to a point to where I would know enough, earn
enough, and be educated enough to take on such a venture. God had
drastically different plans for me and had much more faith in me than
I had in myself.


My goal is to educate, enlighten, and empower others to make
healthy choices for themselves and to carry that into their daily living
not only for him/herself, but also for his/her family so that
everyone can experience a better quality of life. Frederick Douglass once
said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
It is my wish that infants and children grow up with chiropractic
and won’t have to deal with symptoms, such as asthma, allergies, & aches/pains.
It also shows them how to take responsibility and enjoy self care so that
they have enough energy and strength to help others in their lives.

Walmart made shopping for everything easy when they decided to add
a grocery store, an automotive service, garden center, eye doctor,
hair salon, subway, etc. My goal is to have a one stop shop for alternative
health care so you can get everything you need to take care of you and
your family in a single place. It’s a nice relaxing environment but
also professional and takes care of some serious health concerns
chemically, physically, and mentally.


What began as basic chiropractic has metamorphosed into Applied Kinesiology, an analysis where muscle testing is used to see how balanced the body is. Although daily gym goers may believe that they can beat me, it’s not testing how strong you are. It’s looking to see what’s going on from a neurological point of view. Even with weight lifting competitors, I can find multiple weaknesses in the body and, with treatment, may help increase the weight that they’re lifting.

How can I deliver such magical works? Take your lats for example.
Are you working them out or your compensations?  Over time with a
not so good lat, what happens? Every muscle’s related to
an organ.  In this case, it’s related to the pancreas. When they’re not working
well and you’re under stress, blood sugar goes up. The body is unable to
maintain proper insulin levels resulting in irritability,
nervousness, tiredness, feeling shaky & weak.

Stress in and of itself can create adrenal fatigue because the adrenals
can't keep up with converting epinephrine/nor-epinephrine into glucose
for the body's increased need for energy in the cells. Increased insulin,
not enough epinephrine/norepinephrine - so what happens to blood
sugar? It goes down, down, down. (and the flames went higher?)
There's a dramatic drop in blood sugar leading to electrolyte imbalance. You
may say to yourself that you will just drink smart water. Let me remind
you that we’re looking at the tip of the iceberg. How well did that
work out for Titanic?

Now you have a drop in blood sugar, electrolyte imbalance, and then
cells slow down dramatically. How do you feel? What do you do?
Eat sweets with coffee or soda, which is a short term remedy. Soon
you're like a chihuahua with a machine gun ready to take out any
obstacles in your path and start your day off right...until
the "plunge." A plunge to the sweet depths of low
blood sugar and a reason to have that sweet deliciousness
of chocolate cake all over again.

Now we have a nice little roller coaster effect with descending and ascending
levels of messed up insulin and adrenaline levels. This also screws up
the nervous system and homeostasis of the body, also known as blood
pressure/temperature regulation/hormones. At the end of the day,
you're ready to pass out without having done anything all day
long. It's the same as having the brake and gas pedals
on at the same time. A lot of noise and no movement.

Insufficient glucose levels to the brain are attributed for many of
the symptoms for hypoglycemia. And eating something you're
sensitive or allergic to can make it worse. (which we test for in the office)

Let’s say you’re hypoglycemic. "I feel shaky in the mornings,
I feel weak." Could you imagine if a lion woke up and said, “Alas,
I’m too weak to get a gazelle today. Woe is me. Lioness, will you
fetch me a mouse?”  No, you just don’t see that in nature.

When the adrenals fatigue in a high stress situation, burnout begins
and performance at home and work suffers. At first, the person is able
to cover for little slips in memory and job function. However, with
progressing adrenal fatigue, personal productivity declines, tolerance
decreases and emotional outbreaks become more frequent or have
to be controlled with more effort. You may feel that you
have to push yourself harder to accomplish the same
work you did with ease before.

Relationships and/or marriage dissatisfaction may occur and people
experiencing adrenal fatigue may become socially withdrawn.
They can feel trapped and as a result, they may act more aggressive
or withdrawn, even though they are feeling more vulnerable.
Frustrations and fears build up and frequently there is a “final straw”
that leads to burnout or full-blown adrenal fatigue. Adrenal
fatigue contributes to the stress they experience and the stress in
turn contributes to the adrenal fatigue.

Sartorius, gracilis, posterior tibialis, gastrocnemius,
and soleus.  Think those muscles are important? I don’t know.
Are your feet, knees, hips, and low back important? Blood sugar and
adrenals affect these muscles. This is but one example of how so many
things in the body relate to each other.

It’s so important that we take care of each aspect,
mentally, physically, chemically, and spiritually. We can help in our
office. Speaking of which…

You can keep up with us on Facebook: Find the Balance Chiropractic biz page. We also update events on the website,

Yours in health,

Dr. D

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Living from the Heart

Self love can be mistaken for self indulgence or letting go of responsibilities. Actually, it consists of taking time out of each day to take care of yourself. It could be as simple as journaling for five minutes at the end of the day to reflect on all that's happened or a planned weekend trip to disconnect from work and tasks. Ultimately, self love will result in you feeling better, being content, and having fulfilling time with friends, family, and colleagues. By creating a day around habits that require you to have some "me" time, the intention of how you live your day will evolve into something magnificent. 

Image result for gratitude journal ok fine

Gratitude Journal

It allows you to reflect on the day and think of those things, people, and pets that make you grateful. Trouble with new ideas? Check out this article for tips on journaling.

Image result for thanking others

Thanking Others

A hand written note can make someone's day. There are plenty of people who become a part of our life in some way or another. Honoring them and letting them know you appreciate them is a simple way to give back to others who have helped you along the way. Stuck on the words to say? These helpful hints may ignite a spark.

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Epsom Salt Baths

Fantastic for your body, any aches and pains, and relaxation. They are not limited to ladies who appreciate a moment of peace. Guys receive the same benefits. Turn that phone on silent and let that mind be still. Try out these recipes.

Image result for exercise


It releases endorphins - the natural pick me up, increases energy, strength, flexibility. The best exercises are the ones that you are willing to do. There are plenty of group exercise classes, yoga, exercise groups, and nature trails so that you can select what you love to do. When you join a group, you're more likely to continue exercise and they'll hold you accountable. Not to mention, you may make some amazing friends! Check out these benefits.

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Being well rested and making this a priority will help you think clearly and focus throughout the day instead of needing a midday siesta. Mood, cognitive, and motor performance were negatively affected with partial sleep deprivation (<5 hours of sleep) in Pilcher & Huffcutt's 1996 sleep study.

Image result for meditation


Does it have to be a guided 30 minute meditation? No. If you are completely new to the practice, I would suggest starting out timing yourself for five minutes and build up to whatever time is adequate for you. The one rule: No Interruptions! As a small business owner, I completely understand trying to be still when your mind is wandering with all the tasks that need to be completed during the day. However, if you start your day with a simple focus, perhaps your year long vision, five year vision, a single word, Bible verse, etc. This will help ground you during the day. Annoyances will get under your skin less and you'll be able to execute decisions based on your focus much better rather than saying "yes" to everyone. Try it out right now!

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Self Help

Your results in your life will depend on wherever you focus your mind. Spending hours and hours indulging in Netflix? Perhaps spending a lot of your lunchtime on Facebook, scrolling through news feed? Consider adding in a couple books per month that feed your mind and help you stay on the path that you want for yourself. Only 30 minutes of reading per day can start changing the path of your life and take you to the next level.

Image result for applied kinesiology training

Limitless Body

You wake up. You grind out projects, shop, cook, clean, make phone calls, etc. At the end of the day, you have to make sure you're well adjusted. Structurally, chemically, and emotionally speaking... if you're remotely stressed (all Americans), have any traumas (includes stubbing your toe), or eat processed foods (fast food, alcohol, food that's not on the outside aisle of the grocery store), then your body will have a harder time staying in balance. Chiropractic, applied kinesiology, massage therapy, professional kinesiology, and functional medicine can help keep your body and mind balanced so future stresses can be managed better. Increased energy, better attention span/focus, and living a pain free life will aid in how you are able to operate throughout your day.

Image result for airplane mask

Keep in mind that you must take care of your own airplane mask before aiding others who need assistance. Make yourself a priority so you're able to assist, provide, and enjoy the company of others and have a fulfilling quality of life. Make every day count!

Yours in health,

Dr. D