Monday, November 28, 2016

What the FOCUS are you talking about?!

Are you in it to win it?

Mindset is so critical. I learned from Darren Hardy, former publisher of Success magazine, who offers free daily words of wisdom through each morning. "Getting better and better every day," is his mantra. It is something I say to myself as a reminder that I am improving and accomplishing my goals little by little. However, I found that when my main goal revolved around making myself happy before taking action, it resulted in quite an unproductive day. It was only when I began to take action, check off tasks, and move closer to my goals that the belief system stayed in place.

Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group, maintained clarity and kept the group's attention on the important task at hand. Every time someone in the group had an idea that was not relevant to the current goal, Richard Branson would say, "What the FOCUS are you talking about?"
Distractions are everywhere, especially in today's hi-tech world. The difference between the average and the phenomenal is the ability to discern what is a distraction and what is dire for the current goal to be completed.

So, where is your focus?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Wandering Eye and Your Why

I have done it.

You have done it.

We're not proud about it after the fact.

Truth is, the grass is not greener on the other side.

It starts when you get that wandering eye. The idea that maybe... just maybe... if you try something new or different, it will be better than what you had. You act on it. It turns out to be really disappointing.

That is what happened to me. I cheated on my company hoping to get bigger and better things. It backfired. One item stopped working after a month. The other did not work as effectively as I expected. Obviously, I could have saved that money and put it toward a better quality item that has lived up to its name. However, I had to know.

Perhaps you have been there, too. You question your loyalty to a product, company, or certain people in your life. As one mentor asked, "How can what you are doing impact the world for the better?" If you cannot answer that, perhaps it is time to reassess your activities and purpose. I cheated on my company in hopes of finding a bargain only to find what I had in front of me was the best thing all along.

Once you have found that thing you love and want everyone else to benefit from as well, stick with it. Loyalty goes a long way not only in relationships but also with brands. If you have chosen a certain company to share with others, then own it. Know the information, know the reason why you love it, and always continue learning. When you become a leader in your field, you will sooner or later become an expert and then others will look to you to figure out how you have come so far.

Start with these questions to figure out your 'why':

1. What am I passionate about?

2. Does my current situation bring me joy?

3. What skills or strengths do I have?

4. What is my purpose?

5. How am I serving others?

You may think that your sphere of influence is too small to really make a difference. Keep in mind that a single drop in water creates a ripple effect that expands farther than the eye can see. Or as one of my favorite quotes puts it, "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito."

Cheers to your 'why' and making a difference in the world.

Yours in Health,

Dr. D

Thursday, November 24, 2016


​Gratitude changes everything. Happy Thanksgiving!


​Gratitude changes everything.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Killing Your Microscopic Pets

What pets do you kill and which ones do you spare? I'm not talking about your precious felines and canines. That would just be cruel. Rather, I am talking about the inside of you. That's right... The ooey gooey microscopic pets that cuddle up together in your intestines and everywhere else in your body. Not to mention the not so nice ones like parasites from the food and water you had on your last international vacation. While you were having a blast trying tasty delectables, your current village of invisible animals were making new friends with international breeds of bacteria and parasites. Don't travel often? Try sushi places or other restaurants. Mmm...

There is definitely a concern over microbes that are morphing into mini beasties and fighting the pharmaceuticals originally meant to slay them. Where do we go from here? Do we pray that our bodies can push through when drugs no longer work or just avoid "germ-infested" places. Spoiler alert! Germs are everywhere, guys. You're just SOL unless you're interested in becoming a Morlock from H.G. Wells' The Time Machine; then, you may have a chance. Although I would imagine that living in a cave would bring about its own set of issues...

So how does one stay healthy amidst the infestation of critters?

1. Vitamin D. Easy enough if living in Miami year round; however, it is a major deficiency for most people. Although fatigue and muscle pain/weakness can be symptoms, the majority have no warning signs at all. Thus, we are unknowingly walking around with our vitamin D fuel on empty. No bueno.

How to fix it? Sun worshipers will jump with glee when they read the following sentence. Your body will never make TOO much vitamin D. It is suggested that you can roast yourself in the sun for brief moments of time to get a healthy level. Otherwise, if it's too chilly for said baking, then foods such as egg yolks, cod liver oil, salmon, and tuna are excellent sources as well.

2. Probiotics. You want to be careful with overdoing this one. You want to find a supplement that has a numerous amount of organisms. If it is only one kind, then it's definitely not enough. 60-80% of your immune system is located in the gut. Your gut is considered to be the "second brain," so it is vital that you keep it as healthy as the one in your head. Kefir, sauerkraut, miso, kombucha, raw cheese, or yogurt that comes from grass-fed organic sources are great sources.

For more information on probiotics, check out:

3. Hydration. Overdosing on water is unlikely, so make sure you are getting plenty of it. Half your body weight in ounces is a good start unless you sweat during your job or exercise. Be sure to tack on more if that's the case. Flushing out the system helps your body get rid of unwanted guests much faster and before you know it, they'll be announcing that, "Elvis has left the building." That's assuming that the bad bacteria in your body would be named Elvis...

4. Ginger. You can take it as a tea, essential oil, root, or powder in cooking. It is very beneficial in all things related to digestion including antibacterial and anti fungal properties. When you have sushi and consider leaving the ginger behind, think again.

5. Eat the Colors of the Rainbow. skittles for you. You'll have to take that one up with the Soup Nazi. However, having a well-rounded meal with multiple colors will help lead the way toward a healthy digestive tract. Think of veggies from the garden, multiple varieties and colors that will lead to a balanced digestive system. Otherwise, eating processed food, dairy, and sugars will lead to a leaky gut resulting in your own body turning on itself. No one would welcome chihuahuas with machine guns attacking everything in sight. That is essentially what happens every time you consume products that are not natural and created in a lab. So let's keep that scenario to a minimum.

Ultimately, it is up to you to take care of yourself. Just like you would care for the pets in your home, your microscopic pets need some TLC as well. If they are happy and active, you'll be much happier and active too!

Yours in health,

Dr. D

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Nutrition Simplified

"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients." Julia Child

Nutrition Simplified

"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients." Julia Child

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Persistence Pays Off

No goal was ever met without a lot of sweat. Be positive, patient, and most of all, persistent!

Persistence Pays Off

No goal was ever met without a lot of sweat. Be positive, patient, and most of all, persistent!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

20,000 Days and Counting

One of the best books I've ever read was 20,000 Days and Counting by Robert Smith. Why? Because it is a real conversation about death. All too often, I find myself assuming that things will get done tomorrow or that next year at this time will be amazing. However, we are not promised tomorrow, much less a year from now.

It is easy to put off starting things if we do not think about the end. Given that we do not know when we will take our last breath, we can only track the past. After reading such an eye opening book, I downloaded an app that adds the days instead of counting down. Currently, I'm at 10,263 days and each day the app adds one day to my life. It has changed my perspective on the days I have lived.

What did I do yesterday that was worth remembering? How did I affect others in a positive way? Did I make a difference? These are questions that come to mind as I look at this app on my home screen every time  I turn on my phone. Life is too short and at only 28 years old, I already feel like life is passing me by. It's precisely the motivation needed to move me each day to do something spectacular...or at least mark off something on the to do list so that each day is just as productive and I am constantly moving forward toward my goals.

Aside from work, the app makes you think about friends and family. When was the last time you called a friend to see how he or she was doing? Or called family to let them know how much they mean to you?

Life is short. Are you living up to your own standards? Or are you sacrificing your days to appease others and what they prefer for your life? Your face in the mirror is truly the only one you have to please. If you have trouble looking at it, perhaps it is time for a change. Step out of the box and your sacred comfort zone to live the life you were meant to live. Perhaps it doesn't fit the secular model that is common to society. So what? What do you have to lose by being different? What do you gain by appeasing people who don't really care?

You were born for more. You were born to be exceptional and to be the truest you. That means no hindering, no pulling away from strife if it means following your dreams. Life is short. Follow your dreams. In the end, the only regrets will be the things you never tried.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What We Can Learn from Cats

In a world that seems to be overrun by dog lovers, I choose to believe that there is a cat lover inside all of us... Even those who are allergic can find some benefit to my feline observations.

1. Be picky. Find the person who brings you the most joy.

In a cat's world, choosing to find the person most susceptible to feline allergies is an optimal choice. The rest of the attendees may not be blessed by kitty's touch. Being selective in who you hang out with or what you choose to do can make a world of difference.

Time management includes taking care of priorities for your work and home life. Making sure that you're attending events where you can make great connections or time blocking for some much needed rest and relaxation are essential to finding the balance in your life. There will always be events and friends wanting to take up spots on your schedule. It may be time to take a step back and prioritize what events are best to attend in order to move forward with your current goals.

2. Work smarter not harder. Chew toys take effort.

Even though I may not have any appointments on the calendar, I can keep myself "busy" 24/7. Although I do have a long "to do" list, if I'm not focused on anything specific, the hours can tick away with nothing accomplished by the end of the day. Ninety minute jam sessions are a great way to take care of business. Create an environment where phones, emails, and people won't bother you for a 90 minute segment of your day and set a timer. Work only on specific tasks during this time WITHOUT checking Facebook or Twitter. You'll find that the minutes will be ticking by so slowly at first. However, if you keep it up, you'll see that the "to do" list will get shorter and shorter. Aim for a time where distractions are at a minimum. I prefer before 8:00 a.m. when the rest of the world is still waking up and chances of missing important calls would be less likely.

Delegating work to others is also a way to lighten the load and allow you to focus on the major things that only you can do. If cleaning, cooking, or clerical duties can be done by others, make it a goal to assign tasks to others. Get the entire family involved in cooking dinner if that frees up a little time for you to finish up an assignment by the deadline so everyone can eat a meal together.

3. Balance with relaxation. 

Ten minutes of eating/cleaning themselves per day balanced with 12-16 hours of sleep per day. As opposed to cats, we humans may not be so lucky to unwind for that length of time; however, it's important to give 100% of our efforts to decompressing just like we would give 100% to our work. Recovery is vital.

Through reflection of previous weeks, I found that sometimes my sole focus was on my business and that I had given up caring for my own mind, body, and spirit. I've made it a habit to plug in self time on the calendar. It can include hobbies, hanging out at the beach, or curling up with a good book. It's great to break up the work week with a little self care. If you're not running properly with a frazzled thought process, chances are that your business is functioning in the same manner.

4. Be in the moment. K.I.S.S.  Keep it simple...silly.

A cat's joy is simplistic. Their only goal in life is to take care of the here and now. Whether it's to lick themselves in the most acrobatic stance or to sit behind your feet while you're cooking in the kitchen, they are focused on the present time. We likely find ourselves to be agitated or anxious when thinking about the past or future. This action does nothing but take away energy from the present and you lose out on living in the current moment. You may be missing your child's joy on his or her face at the park because you're worried about work or you may have missed your puppy or kitty wanting love and affection because you were too busy viewing how many likes you had on Instagram.

5. Love your peeps unconditionally.

Cats love you even when you go on vacation for a week and they continue to be grateful to be fed the same dry kibble daily. Could you imagine eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...forever?

Life can be give and take where the odds may or may not be in your favor. However, holding grudges over time does nothing but harm you. As a great mentor once said, "Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die."

6. Establish a routine. 

There's nothing sweeter than waking to the sound of my cat ripping nails out of my wall that hold my Ethernet cord in place. Although I prefer that my wiring stay in its place, I do applaud my feline friend for being so persistent each morning at the same time to make sure that that task is marked off the to do list.

Establishing a routine not only gives us guidelines throughout the week, but it allows us to get things done that we would otherwise throw to the curb. Working out, reading devotionals, and journaling or prioritizing the day would likely be lost in the chaos of our schedule if they weren't on the agenda first thing in the morning. If you make an effort to get up before the rest of the world wakes, you'll be amazed at how much work you'll have completed.

7. Give everyone a chance.

My cat used to be fairly picky about sitting on laps. However, he does test everyone out before making an ultimate decision. We too can choose to be open and loving toward others regardless of what's been said in the past or if the first impression wasn't a positive one. You never know if that person sitting alone in the corner has the world sitting on his or her shoulders, and your smile and caring words could be the exact event needed to create a transformation in that person's life.

8. Daily stretching.

Cat yoga...It's good for the body. Enough said.

9. Delight in the little things. Stop and smell the roses...or eat them.

Life can be viewed based on certain events that happen in our life. Ultimately, it's the little things along the way that bring us the most joy. Watching a child smile as she receives a small gift, smelling a blooming tree by the sidewalk, or taking in the waves of the ocean are all happy events that just by recalling them in your mind can increase serotonin levels, therefore, making you a happier person overall. So chin up, love. You've got a bright future ahead of you. Why not make the most of it? Start today!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

You ARE What You Eat

​A healthy diet is among the best weapons you have to fight disease.

You ARE What You Eat

A healthy diet is among the best weapons you have to fight disease.


Are you ready to rise to the challenge? ​


Are you ready to rise to the challenge? ​

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Essential Oils Makeover

Did you know that oils were used long before modern medicine to take care of various aches and pains? Ancient Egyptians used them when embalming the dead. In biblical times, frankincense and myrrh were given to Jesus when He was a baby. Sacred oils were used in religious rituals. Kings were anointed with oil when crowned. Arabic countries used oils at marriage for their aphrodisiacal effects.

With the changing times, it's becoming more evident to look to the land and what the earth offers for health and wellness. Organic and hormone free foods are on the rise. Getting rid of synthetic products in the household that pose dangers to pets and children is becoming the norm.  More organic and natural brands are popping up which cater to the needs of American households.

I first got involved with Young Living essential oils when a friend suggested that I try a diffuser with a select group of oils. I fell in love. It made my home smell amazing and was very different from the typical smells from store products that have multiple harmful ingredients. It wasn't until I began to attend make'n'takes with friends to learn about the other benefits of the oils.

Diffusing Oils

Diffusing is only one way of reaping the benefits of essential oils. Inhaling the oils surpasses the barriers of the skin or the digestion process. The scent reaches the limbic system of the brain immediately and can elicit emotional responses similar to when you smell something that reminds you of a certain person or your grandmother's house on Christmas day. Physiological and psychological affects occur when the oils reach the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is responsible for heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance. Essentially, one inhalation of lavender oil can change your entire day.

Ways to make the most of breathing them in:

car diffusers, diffuser necklaces, leather bracelets, home diffusers, essential oil candles

Topically Speaking

You can add the oils straight to your wrists or neck like perfume or cologne. Adding a carrier oil (fractionated coconut, olive, avocado, almond, jojoba, etc) can be used to extend the life of the essential oil. Some oils such as Panaway (wintergreen mix) can create a reaction to sensitive skin. With the carrier oil, the dilution helps even the most sensitive skin types wear your favorite blend.

Ways to wear your oils:

perfume, cologne, lotion, face moisturizer, body butter, beard balm, shampoo, conditioner, hair detangler, bug spray, after sun spray, sunscreen, lip balm

To Eat or Not to Eat

One concerning factor for some is the use of oils as a dietary supplement. The beauty of Young Living is that they offer no other ingredients within each bottle. This means that only the purest form of the substance is in each glass container. A single drop of oil can make all the difference when making guacamole or a homemade salad dressing. The best part is that they don't go bad!

Ways to ingest:

citrus (lemon, lime, citrus fresh, orange, grapefruit) in water, stress away (vanilla/lime/lavender blend) in water, use herb oils in your favorite dishes (oregano, basil, taste of italy, marjoram), make a chai blend to add pizazz to your tea, smoothies, or baked items (clove, black pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon bark), replace gum with peppermint, use Thieves with distilled water as a breath spritzer and to beat a sore throat, veggie capsules (add longevity, frankincense, oregano)

Time is of the Essence

Healing naturally takes time. To switch to essential oils and see a major difference took a while for me to see. Once I began to exchange my products for oil based and homemade items, I could tell a difference in energy, clearer thinking, better health, less fatigue, improved complexion, softer skin,  and overall joy. There's something special about using things that God provided on the earth long before we were even thought of. Let's get back to the basics. One step at a time. One oil at a time.

Yours in health,

Dr. D

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Preserving Your Body & Stabilizing Emotions

Depending on who you ask, emotions can have a positive or negative connotation. Being "emotional" isn't exactly the best adjective to describe someone; however, there is a method to the madness. Expressing emotions benefit the body in more ways that one.

Suppressing emotions can create symptoms that range from a sore throat from not wanting to speak to someone to lung problems when sadness feels overwhelming. Most can probably identify with someone literally becoming a "pain in the neck." In essence, physical issues can be connected to emotional imbalances.

"Everything affects everything." This sentence has become my favorite line. For instance, let's say that you're alone in the woods and get lost. The path is nowhere in sight and the nice allure of a songbird's tune has now morphed into the possible growling of a ferocious wolf! ...or at least that is what's going on from your perspective at the thought of being lost forever in uncharted territory. Your blood pressure begins to increase, sweat pops out on your forehead, the heart starts pounding, and  blood is now being transferred from your organs to the muscles to make a break for it.

You can relate. Although you may not have gotten lost in the woods, it's the same concept. Whenever there's a pop quiz, a deadline that you forgot about, or perhaps leaving your cell phone at home when it is your lifeline to your business, your body goes into fight or flight mode when stress levels rise. Going back to the example in the woods, the emotion of fear is directly related to the psoas (so-as) muscle, which attaches to all of the lumbar vertebrae and discs as well as the inside of the leg. Why is that important? Emotions can create physiological responses with muscles via the central nervous system. If one side of the psoas shortens more than the other, then gait is affected. Meaning... you'll be walking around in circles in the woods for quite some time. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Rather than bottling the emotion and trying to not think about it, acknowledge it and ask yourself why you feel that way. What's the good in the situation and how can you make it better? Sometimes you're powerless to change the situation, such as a car wreck. Yes, it's frustrating. However, it doesn't have to rule your life. Keep in mind that 10% of life is what happens to you, and 90% is how you react. 

Some things are harder to let go of than others. Nonetheless, there are simple ways to find peace during times of trials and suffering. Here are a few...

Ways to Zen Out:

1. Meditate

Meditating isn't just for hippies. The benefits of focusing on the positives of the day increase endorphins - the natural happy drug.

“The fundamental meditation principles of quiet thought, contemplation and reflection offer an antidote to stressful and hectic 21st century living,” says psychologist Elaine Slater. “The process of meditation stimulates the release of endorphins, thus turning off stress hormones and lowering cortisol levels associated with the fight or flight stress response. Meditation triggers the hypothalamus; stimulating the pituitary gland to release endorphins, promoting relaxation, self-healing and overall well being.”
2. Yoga or Dance

Spinal extension and opening up the body actually increase brain activity in the frontal cortex. Lack of exercise decreases brain tissue volume. Atrophy of the brain leads to dementia and cognitive decline. Patients who had higher heart rates and blood pressure when being tested during exercise were shown to have smaller brain sizes. 

With computer and desk jobs that require us to be in a flexed position all day, we need to balance it out with extension exercises on a regular basis to strengthen the spinal muscles.

3. Deep breathing

Your diaphragm is a muscle too. Much like other muscles, it needs its exercise as well. Skimp on building up the diaphragm? Chances of hiatal hernia increase, as well as pain in the lower thoracics and upper lumbars.

Put one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach. To deep breathe correctly, you want the stomach to rise before the chest. If you're having trouble, then it's certainly something you'll want to practice more often.

4. Visualization

Sport psychology - You're stimulating the same places in the brain as if you were doing the activity. This is an example of what great athletes do to help them prepare for upcoming games and to overcome feelings of anxiety. 

Athletes & stars who use visualization:

Oprah, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Carrey, Kerri Walsh/Misty May-Treanor (3 Olympic gold medals in Volleyball), Lindsay Vonn (gold medalist skier), Will Smith

5. Nature Calling

Study #1: Stanford University study found that a 90 minute walk in nature can affect the brain in a positive way. Half of participants walked through a park while the other half walked in a city.  Those who had the opportunity to experience nature had lower levels of blood flow to the part of the brain that deals with rumination.

“Rumination is a pattern of thought focused on the negative of oneself. We wanted to see how we regulate our emotions. The people in the experiment shifted the way in which they engage with nature. They shifted their attention away from those thoughts.” - Gregory Bratman, PhD
Study #2: South Korean University: Performed functional MRI scans when participants saw nature scenes. There was increased activity in the anterior cingulate gyrus (linked to positive outlook and emotional stability) and the basal ganglia (linked to the recollection of happy memories).

Find what works best for you. Your system needs to be in place long before strife becomes a factor in your life. That way you'll be able to handle the stresses that arise appropriately without creating a funk within your body. Ultimately, it's all about finding the balance. 

Yours in health,

Dr. D

Monday, June 6, 2016

Love versus Fear

Various things compel us to take action. Whether it is to get off the couch after binging on Netflix or powering through a full day of networking, our actions determine the outcome of our lives. My mentor always says, "discipline equals freedom." If you approach the day from being overwhelmed or fearful of too much to do, it may lead to you shrinking back to your den and continuing your crash course in self defense via Marvel action movies. However, to approach your day with love completely changes the paradigm. 


Goal: You want to live a long and healthy life. 

How to get there:

1. 21 Day Challenge: Doing something daily to cement it into your everyday life; in this case, it's adding exercise to your morning routine. 

2. Compound Effect:  As Darren Hardy, SUCCESS magazine's former publisher, so eloquently put it, "It's not the big things that add up in the end; it's the hundreds, thousands, or millions of little things that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary.” For example, the Starbucks you buy today creates a toxic environment for your body when it's doing its best to heal and have a properly functioning immune system. You're also losing money to a short term pleasure. At the end of the year, you will most likely take more sick days, have fatigue, and have less money in your pocket. Maintaining this perspective makes it a little bit easier to turn down.

3. Snoozers are Losers: Chances are people won't be contacting you before 8:00am. Hence why "Early to bed, early to rise..." is completely true. You'll create a person who is "healthy, wealthy, and wise." You're less likely to make poor choices at night, workouts will get done before your work day begins, and you can create the right mindset for the entire day. 

4. No excuses = commendable results. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It's up to you on how you'll use them. Looking back at your day and noting how each hour is spent can be very eye opening when you feel you've been busy all day but only accomplished a couple tasks at the end of it. 

The most important thing is mindset. Look at each step to get to your goal as an opportunity instead of something that you HAVE to do. It's now something that you GET to do. Count your blessings. Others would love to be in your place with everything that you have going for you. What  do you desire to see when you look back ten years from now? 20 years? 30? Hopefully, you'll look back at your life with feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment. All it takes is one day... one step... one action at a time.

Yours in Health,

Dr. D

Monday, May 30, 2016

A Long, Long Time Ago...

A long, long time ago... I lived in a small town called Sweetwater, TN. Not the brewery, mind you. Just short of 6,000 people, you can imagine all the hubbub when a new traffic light was added or a new store. To find any department or major grocery store, one would drive thirty minutes outside of town to reach such a destination. Of course, it was only after I left that Walmart finally entered the scene. Don't get me wrong. I love my background and am proud of my southern roots - "hick" talk and all! However, I knew there was more that I had to see and do.

Moving on to The University of Tennessee (Go VOLS & Peyton Manning), I began my college years in aerospace engineering. It was more of a compromise after realizing that it may not be the best idea for our country if I were to fly an F-18 fighter jet. Adding that third dimension to driving may have been a struggle for me, as well as the Department of the Navy. Crashing said jet seemed fairly expensive so to America I say "You're welcome," as I allowed others more suitable for the job to take care of this country.

Little did I know after all the training on choosing goals and accomplishing them, my stubbornness would not let me change majors. After all, Plan A with aerospace engineering was a good job and "I ain't no quitter!" I soon realized that my interest and passion began to waver with the Physics and Calculus III homework piling up with no end in sight. What's a girl to do? Changing my life's plan seemed like failure in my eyes. Until one day...

My dad took me to the chiropractor. I had no idea what this woman would bestow on me, nor was I really educated about what said chiropractor did. I went through the process of consult, x-rays, exam, and adjustment - trusting my dad that this was actually a good idea at the time. Afterward, my body felt weird. Everything just seemed awkward. If you'll recall, my stubbornness is both a strength and a weakness throughout my life. This time, it just so happened to change it...

I continued to see the chiropractor, and my body began to learn where it actually needed to be. Just like a new workout routine, my body was lining up to take on the next challenge - whether physical or mental. I no longer was getting sick all the time nor did I have hip pain when exercising. I was seeing improvements, and that stirred a new passion inside me.

What about chiropractic for a new career? I loved the doctor and the staff.  The energy of the entire office was contagious. And a holistic lifestyle? I think I could swing that. There you have it! My plans were made. I spent the next week figuring out what was best for my new future. I landed on Kinesiology for my undergrad degree and looked at various graduate schools for chiropractic. My joy soared, my grades improved, and I read textbooks from beginning to end just for fun.

I chose Life University in Marietta, GA to spend the next four years of my life. They were the best and brightest. Through all the work and hours put in, I couldn't have wished for better friends who became family and for a great city with all its nuances and southern flair. It was well worth it and helped to prepare me for the next chapter of my life...

May 2015. I arrived in Virginia Beach, VA to work in another practice. However, that stubbornness of mine wouldn't allow me to stay where I was. I had new goals, desires, and dreams to create. After a few short months, it was time to say goodbye and open my own practice. Fear was certainly there, but I chose to jump off a cliff and hope to spread wings on the way down. That brings me to today - the end of May 2016. It's been quite a ride so far and I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me!

Stay tuned,

Dr. D